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The Gulfpoint is a UAE based company that helps businesses achieve long-term successful presence in the fast growing Middle East markets. With more than 30 years of Gulf expertise we can identify ways to transfer your technology and ease market entry by finding partners, distributors or clients. Or we can run the business for you.

Our expertise comes from decades of serving different spearheading industries, enterprises and consultancies. We offer hands on help on sharpening your export strategy, creating a business model and gaining customers. If needs arise we can connect you to potential investors.

Partners at the Gulfpoint have worked with Western companies bringing business concepts to the Gulf markets and introducing new opportunities to the Gulf investors. We know the people, the culture and how the business is done. Our team has a wealth of experience and contacts in the area and we cover the crucial markets of UAE, Saudi-Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, and Iraq.


Our Three Points

The Middle East offers a growing and vigorous marketplace for almost everything since the countries are investing hugely into infrastructure, education and industrial development.

Our experts have helped companies find local business partners, facilitated pilot contracts, developed market entry strategies and performed extensive market research, created communications strategies, re-energized clients’ sales efforts and assisted in closing joint ventures with local business entities.

We also actively act as a sales channel to some selective partners. That is why we are the sole point you may need to know in the Gulf, the Gulfpoint.

Transfer Point

We work together with Western providers, often a group of companies, and with local investors and family enterprises providing solutions to their industrial and service needs. Project can be, for example, building a pipe manufacturing plant, establishing a healthcare program or facility or establishing a service operation to waste handling.

Most of the Gulf countries face a huge need of providing employment to their young populations and at the same time they intend to diversify their Industrial and Service offering to the Non-Oil sector. There are vast unmet needs in healthcare, education, energy and environment where new ways of thinking is needed.


There may be a will – we can offer the way.

Entry Point

We analyse how your products or service fit the market place. If we deem jointly that your offering can be competitive and you take a firm decision to enter the market we are on the spot to assist you in building your presence in the area. We can identify a partner and help establish a company for you.

In the simplest form the co-operation could, of course, be finding you good distributors in the area. We can then support the distribution in Area Management Role or help you develop your existing business.


Out of sight is out of mind for the sales channel, so we can provide you the local presence.

Operations Point

How about an outsourced Export Manager? Do you need to put bang on your Sales Growth?

Establishing operations can be a risky and costly investment. Many companies are forced to postpone the entry decision even in a high demand situation since they understand that ’’one cannot be a little pregnant’’. With the Gulfpoint you actually can. We can act as Area Managers/Export Managers, Distributors/Agents in the area. The operation can be done on our own, together with our client’s organization, together with a local company as a JV or as a combination of all of these alternatives.

Does your Business in the Gulf need a total review? We can act as an Interim Manager to assist you in doing this.

Strategy drives the structure! We can help in defining yours!

Who we are

The Gulfpoint Partners

Our team consists of seasoned business specialists, having worked in leadership positions with world-class global corporations.

All have a wealth of experience in the Gulf markets and high academic qualifications.

  • We have experience in leading sales, building and managing complex distribution networks
  • We can offer high level expertise in Crisis, Strategy, Public Affairs, PR and senior level marketing communications
  • We have in-house experience of running extremely successful congresses and seminars
  • We can offer professional project management according to the latest methodologies


Jaana Räsänen Pentti- Partner and Senior Advisor

Jaana Räsänen-Pentti

Jaana has 20 years of senior management experience in the fields of general management, business development, marketing and sales, corporate communication and brand development, Public Affairs, media and crisis management. For the past seven years she has helped companies seize business opportunities in the Middle East. She has helped in market entry operations for several indstry sectors including healthcare and education/gaming.

Previously at H&K Strategies, a leading global strategy and communications agency of WPP she was in charge of consumer and healthcare communications teams for almost 10 years, as a member of global Industry Leader teams. She also has 10 years of experience in edutech and now has strong focus on gamification/edutainment.

She is long time Chairman and lately Honorary Chairman of the Finnish Business Council in the UAE.

Jaana holds an Ms.Sc(Econ.) in International Business from Turku School of Business and Administration, Finland





Our experts’ professional experience from the Gulf region includes such industries as healthcare, education, ICT, industrial manufacturing and green energy. Confidentially we are happy to link you to our long-term partners and clients.

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